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Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics

Contiweb has a long history In the heat set web offset industry, in which we serve customers around the world who produce 24/7 and have tight deadlines. Unexpected downtime can have huge financial consequences for such clients and lead to reputational damage. Fast response times and resolution of problems are then critical so that the customer can resume production as soon as possible.
Contiweb's 24/7 Remote Tech Support teams in the Netherlands and the United States, consisting of experienced and trained product specialists, are able to solve most problems remotely without the need for an engineer to come on-site. Thus saving valuable time and costs. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the team can log into the Contiweb machines via a VPN connection and thus analyze what is going on. Remote Tech Support is part of our Service Support Agreements.

Performance benchmarks

Analysis of the data also provides us with benchmarks on the performance of the machines at customer sites. As part of the Service Support Agreements, we can proactively and openly inform customers about the performance of their machines against these benchmarks, and advise how they can realize the full potential of their equipment. The vast amount of data we have collected on our machines over the years gives us extensive knowledge about the performance and capabilities. Based on this data, we have been able to continuously improve our equipment and develop Enhancements to help our customers to optimize the performance of their machines.
For customers with a Service Support Agreement, all important data is also available in MyContiweb. This online platform is updated daily and includes a dashboard with an overview of your printing press lines and the daily production times, performance data and resource consumption, allowing you full grip and control over your equipment.

Most problems we can solve remotely

Contiweb remote monitoring and diagnostics

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  • Average 2-year repayment

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