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Enhancements of Contiweb equipment

Enhancements to existing equipment

Electrical Power Reduction

Dryer energy is a major cost for heatset-web printers, recently worsened by the huge energy price rises. Costs for electricity consumption can however be cut significantly without reducing drying quality by installing our Electrical Power Reduction enhancement (EPR).

Natural Gas to LPG/PG/BG

Global developments have made the supply of Natural Gas uncertain, and in some countries it has even been banned. Our ‘Natural Gas to LPG Conversion’ enhancement converts Contiweb dryers from NG to Liquified Petroleum Gas, butane or propane.

Lenze Frequency Drive Enhancement

Lenze's 8200, 9300 and SMD frequency drives, which in the past were built into many Contiweb splicers, were discontinued by Lenze several years ago. This means that they can no longer be replaced one-to-one in case of malfunction. However, Contiweb’s retrofits avoid unscheduled disruptions and safeguard your production lines.

Coldset Enhancement

The turbulent political situation and related gas crisis, taught us that constant supply of gas in the future may be less certain than we have been used to. Without gas, you cannot print with the current dryers, so this poses a risk for printers. Our coldset enhancement option addresses this issue.

Gas Reduction Enhancement

Two relatively simple Gas Reduction Enhancements (GRE) can make large gas savings by optimizing solvent concentration in the burner chambers. The Standby GRE improves control to reduce standby gas consumption. Similarly, the Production GRE reduces gas consumption during production. 

Burner Chamber Replacement

Burner chambers operate on high air speed and high temperatures. Heating and cooling lead to expansion of the steel of the burner chambers and give plastic deformation over the years. In average, the lifetime is between 12 and 15 years, which means the burner chambers should be regarded as wear parts that eventually will need to be replaced.

Would you like to know more?

Contiweb has an ongoing programme of innovation to enhance our customer's print operations. If you would like to find out how you can benefit from these enhancements, please contact your Account Manager.

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