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Contiweb auxilary equipment for heatset web offset printing

Auxilary equipment from the market leader

Contiweb has developed innovative auxiliary equipment for web offset presses and continues to set the industry standard for quality, efficiency and reliability through its innovative systems. Compatible with increasing web widths and high speed processes, these products are designed to improve up time and allow short run applications.
Contiweb non-stop flying pasting

Non-stop flying pasting

From extensive automation to proven reliability and performance features, Contiweb splicing and pasting technology for non-stop unwinding provides real advantages in the pressroom.
Contiweb hot air dryers for heatset web offset printing

Drying and chilling

Drying is a critical component in heatset web applications. Contiweb continues to set the industry standards for quality, efficiency and reliability through the innovative technology of its dryers.
Contiweb inline sheeting solutions


Contiweb sheeters are high-speed sheeters that maintain speeds up to 75.000 imp/h.  The integrated print-to-cut register control ensures that the Rotocut maintains its high speed and high productivity without compromising in accuracy. 
Used Contiweb equipment

Used equipment

In some situations, used equipment is an interesting option. Contiweb has a limited stock of used machines, that is carefully checked, repaired and, if desired, upgraded. When it leaves Contiweb, it is Certified Pre-Owned and comes with 6 months warranty.