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Hot air dryers for heatset web offset



Contiweb hot air dryer for wide web commercial printing


For commercial printing

The Ecoset /T dryer is a hot air web offset drying system that covers the full range of commercial printing from 16 pages up to 96 pages applications. This dryer integrates the functions of drying, afterburning and chilling in one single unit.

Contiweb Ecodry hot air dryer


For commercial printing

The Ecodry hot-air web offset dryer covers the narrow web (16 page) market, with printing presses already equipped with conventional chill stands. This dryer has an integrated afterburner, which incinerates the solvents from the ink to produce clean exhaust air. 

Contiweb hot air dryer for book and newspaper printing


For book and newspaper printing

The Contiweb Ecobook is a hot air dryer specifically designed for book and newspaper printers. This dryer works with reduced drying temperatures, suitable for uncoated paper and low ink coverage, typical to publication printing.

Innovative, efficient and sustainable

Drying is a critical component in heatset web applications. Contiweb continues to set the industry standards for quality, efficiency and reliability through the innovative technology of its dryers. Contiweb hot-air dryers complement all press systems, including the widest and fastest 80- and 96-page presses. They also enhance presses and press rebuild projects.

All Contiweb dryers rely on a high-air volume, low-temperature process that optimizes print quality and productivity by minimizing the negative effects of heating the web. They combine high performance with simplified operation and low operational costs. Integrating the chilling function further enhances print quality and reduces floor space requirements.

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