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Contiweb auxiliary equipment for web inkjet printing

Use your web inkjet press to the max


Digital printing has entered the maturity phase, which means that printing companies will need to continuously upgrade the performance of their presses to meet the evolving expectations of the commercial printing industry. And to do that, they will be looking for robust, technically-advanced auxiliary equipment, backed by expert service and support. Contiweb will be there to provide it.
Contiweb non-stop unwinding

Non-stop unwinding

Contiweb’s CD-N non-stop unwinder enables you to change paper reels during production, without having to stop printing. This helps you to increase production capacity, shorten delivery times and reduce labor costs.
Contiweb non-stop rewinder

Non-stop rewinding

Contiweb’s CR-N non-stop rewinder can splice paper reels of different weight, web width or coating, without having to stop your press. Even varied finishing requirements can be accommodated as the Contiweb CR-N can roll up jobs onto different cores.
Contiweb remoistening


The Contiweb Digital Fluid Applicator is a standalone remoistening applicator for digital web presses, that can optionally also apply silicone. Controlled remoistening overcomes waviness and curling effects due to high drying temperatures.
Contiweb post-coating


The Contiweb Variable Coater (VC) is a high-end system that can post-coat paper after printing it. The VC uses the patented automated metering technology to very precisely apply the coating layer on the web, causing no standstill during a web width change or when changing the coating layer thickness.

Contiweb priming


Contiweb's Variable Coater (VC) lets you prime low-cost offset paper in-house. This allows you to save up to 30% on paper costs compared to mill treated inkjet paper. The Variable Coater can be set very precisely, so you can use a virtually unlimited range of paper types.