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Non-stop unwinding technology



Contiweb splicer for web inkjet

CDN non-stop auto splicer

For web inkjet printing
Contiweb’s CD-N non-stop unwinder for web inkjet production lines enables you to change paper reels during production, without having to stop printing. This helps you to increase production capacity, shorten delivery times and reduce labor costs.
Contiweb splicer for web offset

FD non-stop flying paster

For web offset printing
The Contiweb FD auto-splicer is a flying paster that combines automation, technical innovation and user-friendly features to meet advanced productivity requirements of heat-set web offset printers. It can paste reels that are 1.524 mm (60”) in diameter.
Contiweb splicer for web offset

FB non-stop flying paster

For web offset printing

The Contiweb FB is a budget-friendly flying paster for web offset. The system is characterized by its user-friendliness. It has combined reel pickup arms that can be manually positioned to allow reels for varying widths or varying web positions to be loaded.

Contiweb splicer for converting

CPN non-stop auto splicer

For packaging and converting
In high-volume production environments, efficiency and productivity are key to achieving the lowest cost per product. Where wide reels of paper, cardboard or polymer need to be unrolled, there is often an easy productivity advantage to be gained by automating reel changing.
CBN Heidelberg

CBN non-stop auto splicer

For sheetfed offset
High-speed sheetfed offset production lines, such as the Heidelberg Speedmaster® XL 106 combined with a CutStar®, require more frequent reel changes. Opting for the Contiweb CB-N non-stop auto splicer allows printing companies to significantly increase production time, reduce paper waste, and free up operators to focus on other tasks.

Core competences

Non-stop unwinding technology marks the start of Contiweb's successful history in web printing. In fact, it was the first product Contiweb offered when the company was founded in 1978. In the decades that followed, Contiweb developed many successful models and marketed more than 2,500 non-stop unwinding systems, for the web offset and web inkjet industry and for packaging manufacturers. Even today, non-stop unwinding is still one of Contiweb's core competences.