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Continuous production without interruption

In high-volume production environments, efficiency and productivity are key to achieving the lowest cost per product. Where wide reels of paper, cardboard or polymer must be unrolled to arrive at a semi-finished or finished product, there is often an easy productivity advantage to be gained by automating the changing of the reels. To manually change a reel often requires stopping production for at least 15 minutes, with a 25% loss of productivity! With Contiweb's CPN, Reel change is automatic and without interrupting production.


  • Non-stop winding saves considerable production and labor hours

  • Change reels and prepare splices during production, so avoiding production stops

  • Preparing the splice is very easy and takes only two minutes. The splice performance is regularly and repeatably 99.8% or higher

  • You can splice over to substrates of different web widths, coatings and weights. This is very useful for short, fast-changing jobs. It is also easy to use rest reels, and there is no restriction on the diameter of the new or used reel for splice performance

  • The lift arms of the Contiweb equipment can move up and down, allowing the reel to be loaded from the ground. This operation is ergonomic, and requires no lifting crane

  • Additional advantages are: fewer mistakes when preparing the splice, less chance of losing the web completely out of the engines (time pressure of production). Less waste by cutting unnecessary white paper, fewer startup problems, energy savings by quick change over.


  • Horizontal festoon for zero-speed splicing

  • Lap splice as standard. Butt splice optional

  • Arms that lift the reels up and down from the loading platform

  • No reel shafts required

  • Easy to use Human Machine Interface

  • Paper weight from 40 to 250 g/m2. Optionally to 350 g/m2

  • Board caliper 8-18 pt

  • Polymers 12-200 µm

  • Maximum winding speed 5.5 m/s (1080 f/m). Optionally the CP-N 22” and 30” versions can wind faster

  • CP-N non-stop unwinder available in 22” (560mm), 30” (770mm), 42" (1100mm) and 70”(1530/1550mm) versions

CP-N non-stop unwinder

The CP-N works as a horizontal zero-speed compensator splicer, but with fully automatic splicing as well as integrated infeed as standard.

The proven Contiweb zero-speed festoon design brings the running web and the new web to a halt during the splice cycle while the press is fed from the integrated festoon.

Performing the splice at zero speed minimizes all dynamic forces on the web. The operation is therefore very forgiving of variations in splice preparation, such as operator skills and web quality. A lap splice is standard, and the CP-N can optionally perform one or two-sided butt splices.

The splice can be made at all reel diameters, and the zero speed principle minimizes all dynamic forces on the web with every splice. That offers maximum flexibility for changing substrate or web width easily, including the smallest rest reels.

Contiweb CPN non-stop unwinder

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in optimizing  your production using the Contiweb CPN, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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