Dryer Door Upgrade

Avoid unwanted downtime related to the dryer door

Contiweb has developed an upgrade, which solves problems that sometimes occurs in relation to the dryer door. Occasionally, the dryer door does not close automatically anymore after opening and sometimes it can also not be closed manually. This leads to unwanted standstill. The Dryer Door Upgrade solves this issue. Find out what the upgrade entails here.

The large dryer door, which gives access to the 3 or 4 drying section at the operators side of the dryer, opens by moving vertically upwards. When production starts, the door is closed automatically by moving downwards. Because the movement is automatically and the door-sill is a possible pinch point, this area must be secured to avoid accidents.

Over the past, several sensor types have been used for securing the opening of the dryer door. The securing system  always consisted of 2 light beams above one another, at the largest dryer over a distance of 17.3 m (sender – receiver). Normally, the receiver receives the light beam from the sender. If  someone or something is in the door area, one or both receivers do not receive the a light beam and the safety system blocks the door from closing automatically.

State-of-the-art safety light curtain

So far so good, however, occasionally it happens that, although nothing blocks the light beams, the safety system does not release the door to close automatically. The door must then be closed manually. This causes unwanted standstill.

The Dryer Door Upgrade contains of a Balluff state-of-the-art safety light curtain in combination with an adjustment laser tool. This safety light curtain offers the highest level safety according to the safety standards EN ISO 13849 and IEC/EN 61508/62061. It is insensitive for reflected light and because of the good adjustment by means of the adjustment laser, deformation of the dryer will hardly lead to loss of contact. The support assembly will contain one Balluff light beam as well as the manual override buttons and the electrical connection box.

Repositioning of micro’s

As part of this upgrade, at the same time we solve a problem that sometimes occurs to the micro’s that detect whether the dryer door is opened or closed. When the dryer door is opened, hot air escapes through the door opening. Because hot air rises, it heats up the micro’s to temperatures of 130 degrees C. The micro’s cannot withstand this heat and will fail after a certain period. Failure of these sensors can cause shut-off of the dryer.

To avoid this issue, during the dryer door upgrade, the micro’s will be moved and mounted beneath the dryer door. A steel block attached to the door by means of a steel cable activates the micro’s. Because the temperature beneath the door does not rise above 50 degrees C, the temperature in the micro’s remains within the allowable limits.

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