Contiweb enhancements improve quality and profitability

Our service teams are working closely together with our research and development department to develop (customer-specific) upgrades and solutions. Our enhancements help you to improve quality and profitability.

Gas Reduction Enhancement

Contiweb offers a Gas Reduction Enhancement for older models of Contiweb and Vits dryers, which can significantly reduce your gas consumption and costs. Click here for more information

Anti-Condensate Enhancement

Contiweb's next generation Anti-Condensate Enhancement eliminates condensation build up in the dryer cooling section and, as a consequence, eliminates web breaks. Click here for more information

Dryer Door Upgrade

Contiweb has developed an upgrade, which solves problems that sometimes occur in relation to the dryer door. Occasionally, the dryer door does not close automatically anymore after opening and sometimes it can also not be closed manually. This leads to unwanted standstill. The Dryer Door Upgrade solves this issue. Find out what the upgrade entails here.

Contiweb fluid applicator

Contiweb developed a new approach how to use silicone better and more efficient without losing any performance on the remoistening function. The system is available as standalone unit and offers more control and immediate cost savings. Find out more!