The Contiweb CD series is a modular system of reel splicing solutions designed to cover the full range of the web paper infeed requirements for digital inkjet as well as label and package printing. The models from entry-level unwinders (CD-W) up to fully automatic, high-speed splice (CD-N) feature proven Contiweb precision engineering to ensure accuracy and repeatability at every stage of the process.


The shaftless CD-W model unwinder is available in three different web widths, each allowing unwinding in both directions. Real-time operating data and error messages are shown on a simple user screen. Manual splice is performed when stopped. A range of additional options available with the CD-W includes an integrated infeed (web tension control) to guarantee a uniform web tension at all times, as well as integrated web guidance, remote infeed functions via central press/printer console and remote diagnosis via VPN.


The CD-N is a horizontal zero-speed compensator splicer, but with fully automatic splicing, as well as integrated infeed as standard. Using the industry-renowned Contiweb zero-speed festoon design, the running web and the new web are brought to a halt during the splice cycle while the press is fed from the integrated festoon. As the splice is performed at zero speed, all dynamic forces on the web are minimized. As a consequence, the operation is very forgiving of variations in splice preparation, such as operator skills and web quality.


Sales contact

Jennifer N'Guyen
Rob Bosman
t (+31) 485 597 111





  • Modular design
  • Shaftless


  • Available in web widths 560 mm (22”), 770 mm (30”) and 1.100 mm (42”)
  • Visual display of active operational parameters/data on splicer screen (HMI)
  • Easy loading of paper reels from ground level
  • Motorized reel side-lay adjustment (excl. 560 mm version)
  • Automatic splicing at any reel diameter
  • No reel shafts required
  • Energy efficient, sustainable solution: all brake energy generated feeds back into the electrical circuit