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Paragon's experiences with the Contiweb Variable Coater

Paragon Customer Communications supports brands in connecting with their customers at every stage of their journey together. Delivering brilliant, multichannel customer communications across the globe, print is one vehicle the company uses to deliver engaging, personalised campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Here, Bernd Wein, Director Operations DM Germany for Paragon, tells us how the Contiweb Variable Coater provides the flexible solution Paragon needs to achieve the finest quality for its customers. Working with a Kodak Prosper 6000 web inkjet press, the Contiweb VC can adjust to different paper web widths without any reconfiguration to the coater.

The VC also uses profiles so Paragon can switch between papers with different coating coverage requirements without pausing production; all whilst maintaining superb quality standards and using less expensive classic offset papers. So Paragon can continue to empower its customers with the most effective communication tools.

Watch this video and learn more about Paragon's experiences with the Variable Coater.

Realize the full potential of web inkjet printing

Contiweb’s new Variable Coater brings excellent print quality to high-volume web inkjet printing – without expensive treated paper. Untreated, standard offset paper absorbs ink that increases dot size, reduces print resolution, and pushes up ink costs.

The coater improves print quality from standard paper with ink savings of around 20%, and without spending an extra 30% on expensive inkjet treated paper from paper mills. Payback time for the machine is usually between one and two years.

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