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Rotomail expands Contiweb portfolio with non-stop winding systems re-order

Italian digital transactional, direct mail and book printer benefits from increased efficiency, speed and time-savings since using Contiweb solutions

Italian print service provider, Rotomail, has invested in a second round of Contiweb non-stop winding solutions. The latest purchase joins existing CD unwinder and CR rewinder solutions as well as a Contiweb Digital Fluid Applicator at Rotomail’s Milan facility.

Contiweb non-stop winding solutions, comprising the CD and CR series, help to increase productivity and print capacity by drastically reducing the time taken to change reels. Adding the ability to splice paper reels of different weight, web width or coating on digital inkjet presses, without stopping production, also means less reel changes are necessary.

Giovanni Antonuzzo, CEO, Rotomail states, “We initially opted for Contiweb largely due to the partnership the company has with HP and first installed Contiweb’s non-stop winding solutions in 2016 alongside a new HP PageWide Web Press. We were immediately impressed by the results. The realisation that we would not have to manually change a reel every hour or so has boosted the uptime and productivity of our press significantly. The Contiweb systems are also extremely modern and reliable, so much so, that as part of a retrofit, we decided to invest in the technology on another of our HP Web presses. Installed last month, in October, Contiweb CD and CR systems have replaced existing non-stop splicers and rewinders so we now have two HP presses with the same winding capability and high productivity.”

Key to the decision for further investment lies in the increased productivity and efficiency of the printing process. On average, manual unwinder loading can take up to fifteen minutes, combined with rewinder unloading and loading a new core taking another ten minutes. Antonuzzo explains, “The difference on paper may not sound like a lot, but if you change a reel every hour, your productivity will suffer. We save fifteen minutes for each roll using Contiweb solutions, which, combined across our entire output makes a large difference to lead-times and overall efficiency. If the printer runs two eight-hour shifts, five days a week, that’s at least 20 hours more printing we can achieve every week. More if we scale up to three shifts in busy times.”

Rotomail uses Contiweb winding solutions in combination with the Contiweb Digital Fluid Applicator (DFA). The DFA is a Plug’N’Play standalone remoistening applicator for digital web presses, developed to significantly improve the quality of digitally printed products. At Rotomail the DFA has taken away the waviness of the paper in signatures, which generated growth in books. Thanks to the DFA, the books are now completely flat. Working together, the Contiweb equipment saves time, cost and improves the quality of the end products generated.

Davide Pomati, Area Sales Manager at Contiweb says, “Rotomail’s investment in our technology on three separate occasions is a signifier of our solutions’ increasing value to production-efficiency. The company is a pioneer of digital inkjet printing, quickly seeing the value it would deliver to the market and the forward-thinking ethos of Rotomail is extremely impressive. We’re proud to support such a business with our technology!”