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Landmark 100th Contiweb Ecoset Dryer sold

Contiweb is very proud to announce that it has sold 100 Ecoset dryers – the latest having been shipped to a reputable printer in the United States.

The Ecoset dryer is the cornerstone of Contiweb’s portfolio for web-offset and for commercial printing applications. It is a hot-air dryer that covers the full range from 16-page up to 96-page (1020-2860mm) applications. The key functions of drying, afterburning, and chilling are integrated in a single unit. The afterburner incinerates the solvents from the ink to minimise emissions and CO2 footprint whilst the gained thermal energy is effectively re-used in the heating process, reducing gas consumption up to 60%. Optionally, electrical power consumption in production mode can be significantly reduced, again minimising emissions, CO2 footprint and costs. The Ecoset also is a state-of-the-art dryer when it comes to print quality - with its chilling functionality, integrated web guidance, web break detection, silicone application and remoistening, resulting in less contamination and web breaks.

Since its introduction in 2000, the Ecoset platform has been embraced by the industry and continuously further developed. Along with the 100th Ecoset, a total of nearly 1,000 ecological and cost-saving Contiweb dryers with integrated afterburner technology have been installed around the world.

“Across the board we have noticed that the gas crisis and the scarcity and price increases in fossil fuels has acted as a deciding factor in the increasing demand for our dryer products. Also, many governments offer attractive subsidies to help companies produce more ecologically and reduce energy consumption. This often makes an investment in a new dryer even more attractive.” says Rob Bosman, Sales Director at Contiweb. “For many decades,Contiweb has been the market leader in gas dryers for heatset web offset. Contiweb dryers are innovative, reliable and long-lasting, based on a high-air volume, low-temperature process that optimises print quality and productivity by minimising the negative effects of heating the web. They combine high performance with simplified operation and low operational costs.”