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Contiweb Becomes Proud Sponsor of Dscoop

Contiweb is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Dscoop, the largest global community of HP Graphic Arts business owners and technical professionals. This sponsorship highlights Contiweb's unwavering commitment to supporting the web inkjet printing industry.

As a sponsor of Dscoop, Contiweb aims to foster industry collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members. The company recognizes the growing significance of web inkjet printers originating from sheetfed and seeks to educate Dscoop members about critical topics such as remoistening, automation, and productivity in web inkjet printing.

Dscoop events, renowned for their engaging programs and networking opportunities, provide an ideal platform for Contiweb to connect with industry experts, thought leaders, and like-minded professionals face-to-face. By participating in Dscoop events, Contiweb aims to forge valuable partnerships and contribute to the advancement of the web inkjet printing community.

"We are thrilled to become a sponsor of Dscoop," says Rob Bosman, Sales Director at Contiweb. "This partnership underscores our deep commitment to the web inkjet printing industry and our dedication to supporting the industry. By joining forces with Dscoop, we aim to foster a vibrant community, facilitate knowledge exchange, and drive innovation in the ever-evolving field of web inkjet printing."

Dscoop’s leadership also expressed enthusiasm regarding Contiweb's sponsorship. "Contiweb is a valuable addition to our global community,” says Dscoop Executive Director Peter van Teeseling. “Its expertise and commitment to advancing the web inkjet printing industry align perfectly with our goals. We look forward to collaborating with them and leveraging their knowledge and resources for the benefit of our members.”

"The support of industry leaders like Contiweb allows us to continue providing unparalleled educational programs and networking opportunities for our members. We are delighted to welcome Contiweb as a sponsor and eagerly anticipate the value they will bring to our community."