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Contiweb Announced as Gold Sponsor for thINK Ahead 2023 Event

Contiweb is pleased to announce its participation as a Gold Sponsor for the highly anticipated thINK Ahead 2023 event. Taking place from 17 to 19 July in Boca Raton (FL, USA), this event is renowned for bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in high-speed production inkjet.

As a Gold Sponsor, Contiweb is excited to showcase its cutting-edge products and solutions that revolutionize the printing industry. Among the featured technologies are the DFA remoistening system and the CD-N non-stop unwinder and CR-N non-stop rewinder. These innovative solutions address the evolving needs of our customers by improving productivity, reducing paper waste, increasing splice quality and safety for the operator, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In partnership with Canon Solutions America’s Production Print Solutions division, Contiweb has made significant strides in the North American market. Last year, both companies disclosed a reseller agreement for the sales of Contiweb Digital Fluid Applicators (DFA) in North America, which also led to continued growth in sales of the DFA in Europe.

Contiweb recognizes the growing demand for non-stop auto splicing solutions in the printing industry. With increasing staff shortages, the need for shorter delivery times, and a drive for higher productivity, non-stop unwinders have become essential. The first installations of Contiweb non-stop unwinders at Canon production inkjet customer sites in Europe have been resounding successes.

During the thINK Ahead event, Contiweb will be proudly represented by Rob Bosman, Sales Director at Contiweb, and newly recruited Account Manager, Christy Atkinson, who joined Contiweb at the beginning of June. Their extensive expertise and industry knowledge will provide valuable insights to event attendees, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Rob Bosman states: "This is an excellent opportunity for Canon Solutions America production inkjet customers to explore Contiweb's digital solutions and witness firsthand how increased uptime translates into improved margins. We invite all thINK Ahead attendees to visit the Contiweb booth to explore our cutting-edge solutions and discover how Contiweb is helping businesses achieve greater efficiency and productivity.”