inline web finishing

Contiweb inline finishing

Ever since the acquisition of the Jetweb in 2012, Contiweb offers high quality inline finishing systems with the Contiweb CG, Contiweb DP and PF for use in web offset printing applications. Based on the experience with over 1.000 systems worldwide, Contiweb finishing applications stand for a concept which is technologically geared to high-speed production, quality and flexibility so that they can provide specific solutions for every particular application. Contiweb inline finishing systems are flexible modular and offer expand products and opportunities for web presses.

Contiweb CG

The Contiweb CG is a coating and gluing unit for applying aqueous coating, aqueous glue, scratch-off ink and micro-fragrances to the top side of the web (with an optional bottom-side supply).

Contiweb DP

The Contiweb DP is a perforator and die cutter for die cutting and cross-running perforation in any pattern.

Contiweb PF

The Contiweb PF is a prefolder consisting of a web shifting device, folding stations, linear register, infeed and exit section with folding bars.

Sales contact

Jennifer N'Guyen
Rob Bosman
t (+31) 485 597 111





  • More than 1.000 installations worldwide
  • High speed, flexibility, quality and innovation


  • Expand products and opportunities for web presses
  • Specific solutions for every application
  • Flexible modular systems