ContiwebVision web break analysis technology

Cost pressures on printed media today mean that print providers need to streamline workflow, reduce overheads and maintain round-the-clock press operation. ContiwebVision web break analysis technology offers printers a new level of control for more efficient and cost-effective daily production.


The new ContiwebVision system extends the benefit of these class-leading capabilities by applying proven technology to monitor, measure and analyze the forces interacting with the paper web through its entire print production journey. Enabling printers to identify the precise cause of web breaks, it offers a measurable boost in production efficiency by delivering the information required to prevent recurrence, as well as facilitating redress by equipment and consumables suppliers, where appropriate.

Comprising three packages from basic web inspection to full web break analysis, ContiwebVision is a modular system offering printers a new level of control.


  • Modular design
  • More control
  • Enhance your performance
  • Extensive reporting features with information from multiple presses and/or sites


  • Precise web break time
  • Precise web break location
  • Basic paper data (e.g. reel number)
  • Unwound length
  • Photo evidence of paper defect
  • Video evidence
  • Operator observations
  • Extended reporting with additional process information

Sales contact

Jennifer N'Guyen
Rob Bosman
(+31) 485 597 111