flying paster

Flying paster

As a Contiweb flying paster begins its paste cycle, the new reel is synchronized to match the speed of the expiring reel. At the time of the paste, a “bumper” roller pushes the expiring paper onto the new roll to complete the flying paste. A knife fires immediately following the paste, severing the expiring reel and minimizing the tail length. An optional tail cutter can also be added.

Contiweb FB

The Contiweb FB is an budget-friendly flying paster. The system is characterized by its user-friendly, easy-to-service design. The Contiweb FB has been designed to work within the newspaper, commercial and semi-commercial market segments. It provides the customer with a budget-conscious flying paster option.

Contiweb FD

The Contiweb FD flying paster combines automation, technical innovation and user-friendly features to meet advanced productivity requirements. Features like a central user interface, touchscreen controls and local operating points result in flexibility and high performance. The Contiweb FD paster has a shaftless A.C. drive system for precise synchronization with press components. The Contiweb FD paster has the breakthrough capacity to paste reels that are 1.524 millimeters (60 inches) in diameter. The large reel diameters can increase splice intervals, reducing labor requirements and opportunities for web breaks.


Sales contact

Jennifer N'Guyen
Rob Bosman
t (+31) 485 597 111





  • Successful pasting rates exceeding 99.7 percent
  • Low waste
  • High uptime
  • Easy paste preparation


  • Comprehensive automation
  • Integrated infeeds for constant web tension
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automated reel handling
  • Contiweb web data (optional)
  • Contiweb FD with paste reels up to 1.524 mm (60'') in diameter