integrated pollution control

Integrated pollution control through dryers with afterburner

All Contiweb dryers rely on a high-air volume, low-temperature process that optimizes print quality and productivity by minimizing the negative effects of heating the web. 

The concept of pollution control through integrated afterburner technology offers significant advantages over conventional systems. The solvents from ink are incinerated in the integrated afterburner resulting in efficient regeneration of energy and lower gas consumption. With increasing environmental awareness from various stakeholders and legislation from authorities this concept provides an excellent sustainable solution.    


Ever since Contiweb introduced the Ecotherm, world’s first heatset web offset dryer with an integrated pollution control system, the dryer has established a reputation for its high quality drying ability thanks to its low temperatures and high air volumes. Printed products dried in an Ecotherm exhibit higher gloss, less fiber lifting and less corrugation. The Ecotherm enables printers to meet the quality requirements of their most demanding clients at lower operational costs.


Based on the Ecotherm drying technology, the Ecocool was the first dryer to integrate the chilling process. By positioning the chill roller stack within the dryer, there is no solvent release in the pressroom and solvent condensate on rollers is eliminated, eradicating streaking and marking. Additional standard and optional features integrated within the Ecocool system improve web stability, automate production and enhance print quality. In addition, the revolutionary design reduces waste and energy consumption through careful management of the web conditions and the recirculation of exhaust heat back into the system.


Ecoset is the successor of the Ecocool. It is the dawn of a new era for even more efficient use of solvents exiting from the evaporation process in the dryer. Thanks to further optimization of the solvent concentration control printers are able to maintain high print quality and considerably extend their savings on gas. By means of these technologies, practice has proved that the Ecoset is the most efficient and lowest gas consuming dryer in the industry.

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  • High quality and productivity
  • Efficient way of drying at low temperature
  • Automatically optimized temperature
  • Enhanced web control
  • Low gas consumption
  • Less web breaks

Features Ecocool/Ecoset

  • Integrated drying and chilling
  • Nine small diameter rollers for improved heat transfer
  • Grooved, concave rollers for tighter web contact
  • Web guide and web breaks detector for enhanced control
  • Single A.C. driven roller for consistent tension control
  • Upstream silicone applicators to eliminate ink picking
  • Fresh air flow through chill section