Contiweb Rotocut Sheeter

The Contiweb Rotocut sheeter is the fastest sheeters in the world. A combination of low maintenance and long service life make the Rotocut sheeter an easy choice.

High quality with a cost-effective workflow

Contiweb Rotocut sheeters are high-speed sheeters that maintain speeds up to 75.000 imp/h resulting in high productivity.  The integrated print-to-cut register control ensures that the Rotocut maintains its high speed and high productivity without compromising in accuracy. The application of direct drives enables the highest cutting accuracy (up to +/- 0,2 mm (print-to-cut). Besides its high quality the Contiweb Rotocut operates with a minimal amount of waste when starting the printing press. By adding an automated pallet transport system, a cost-effective workflow is secured


  • Fastest sheeter worldwide
  • Fast return on investment
  • Quick job changes
  • Highest cutting accuracy with integrated print-to-cut register control
  • Minimal waste
  • Low maintenance and easy accessibility


  • Up to 22 cuts per second respectively up to 75,000 ex/h
  • High-speed sheeter for speeds up to 12,25 m/s
  • Cutting accuracy up to +/- 0,2 mm (print to cut)

Sales contact

Jennifer N'Guyen
Rob Bosman
(+31) 485 597 111