digital inkjet

Unwinding, rewinding and fluid application for digital inkjet

The demand for easy customization, personalization and short run printing is continuing to grow, steadily. Digital printing offers flexibility and fast turnaround for a wide variety of formats. Contiweb has developed a modular series of solutions for digital (inkjet) printing based on proven technology and experience in heatset and web offset, designed to cover all digital press requirements.


The Contiweb CD series is a modular system of reel splicing solutions designed to cover the full range of your digital web paper infeed requirements as well as label and package printing applications.


Specifically designed for the specialized requirements of the digital, label and package printing market, the Contiweb CR series of modular rewinders consists of two models to cater for entry-level manual rewind capabilities up to fully automatic rewinding at full press speed.

Applying fluid

The Contiweb DFA is a standalone remoistening applicator for digital web presses, that can optionally also apply silicone. This provides companies with greater remoistening control, ensuring that the final product regains moisture and does not distort from absorbing it from the environment.