pro-active maintenance

Pro-Active Maintenance

As a market leader in heat set web offset ancillaries, Contiweb’s service experience is impressive with an installed base of more than 2200 splicers and 1200 dryers worldwide. Over the years, Contiweb has reinforced its service know-how with input from our remote diagnostic system, spare parts consumption analysis, feedback from specialized field service engineers and expertise from its Research and Development team.

Combination of inspection and maintenance

Contiweb's extensive experience and know-how are available to our customers through a sophisticated program, Pro-Active Maintenance (PAM), allowing customers to benefit from our knowledge. PAM is designed to give you the peace of mind knowing your equipment is in peak condition, while regular checks prevent extra costs for maintenance. It is a combination of inspection and maintenance in a structured manner, at a specific scheduled point of time.

Whether you choose the security of Contiweb service personnel carrying out all activities, the activities carried out by your own maintenance staff, or a combination, there are three different packages to choose from.

Available for:

  • All Contiweb unwinders, rewinders, splicers and pasters
  • All Contiweb (and Vits) dryers
  • All finishing equipment: coaters, gluers, die cutters, perforators and pre-folders


  • Combine inspection and maintenance in a structured manner, at a specific scheduled point of
  • Dedicated, skilled engineers who have up-to-date machine knowledge
  • No unnecessary preventive replacement of parts
  • Avoid additional downtime for maintenance

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