obsolete HMI’s

Replacements for obsolete HMI's

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) not only have the function to operate the machine, they also serve as a 24/7 diagnostic data logger on a dryer and as the communication interface between the press console and the dryer or splicer. HMI’s are critical components, without which, the machine will not be able to run.

Contiweb machines last for decades and therefore can sometimes contain HMI’s that are no longer available on the market. We provide 1-to-1 replacements that have been extensively tested and guaranteed to meet our high-quality standards. In addition to this, the software on these components is specifically programmed for your machine.

Simatic Panel PC477B

An example of an obsolete HMI is the Simatic Panel PC 477B that is used in all dryers with a Simotion control system and in all FD splicers (all FD’s types H51, and FD’s with a F81 transport system). The PC477B hardware and its OS Windows XP have been obsolete since 2016. A new version - the PC477D - is available that runs on OS Windows 7.

You can avoid long production stops and high costs by replacing the obsolete HMI’s before they break down, at a time that is convenient for you. The new HMI comes as a kit with a mounting adaptor for a plug and play installation. In some cases, the dryers Simotion control system software must be updated as well, in this case a Contiweb engineer is needed on site.

Free check of your machines

The Simatic Panel PC 477B is just an example. Many more HMI’s and computers have become obsolete. Would you like to know which components in your Contiweb equipment are obsolete and which solutions Contiweb offers? Fill in the form below and we will do a free check for you.

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