Gas Reduction Enhancement

Save costs by reducing your gas consumption

The Contiweb Ecoset is the most efficient hot air dryer in the heat set web offset industry. Thanks to optimization of the solvent concentration control the Ecoset uses even less gas than its predecessors. Similar technology used in the Ecoset is also available as an enhancement for older models of Contiweb dryers and for Vits dryers, which can significantly reduce gas consumption.

Solvent control

Optimizing the afterburning of solvents, by controlling their concentration in the burner chambers, can make additional savings on fuel. The solvent concentration process does not affect drying.

During production, the inlet volume is reduced to a minimum of 40-50%, meaning CO2 emissions are also reduced. The solvent concentration control makes it possible to safely burn the solvents in the afterburning process.

Modern washing installations use very little solvents – there is no need to run the dryer on maximum exhaust. With the Gas Reduction Enhancement exhaust flow and gas usage are also safely reduced and controlled during blanked wash.

On the right you can see a graph showing the gas consumption in production and standby mode, before and after the Gas Reduction Enhancement. Significant savings can be realized.


The savings that can be achieved using Gas Reduction Enhancement depend on a number of factors such as dryer model, number of production hours, production speed and the price you pay per m3 of gas. We are happy to help you calculate the savings in your specific situation.

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