Control and reduce gas consumption


If you are a heat set web offset printer, the gas consumption of your hot air dryer is an important factor in your production costs. Accurate monitoring is important to keep the gas usage as low as possible and to correct unwanted deviations promptly.

MyContiweb's Resource Consumption module is the perfect tool to monitor the gas usageof your Contiweb machines. In this digital platform you can see new information on consumption on a daily basis and if irregularities occur, you will receive a message with recommended actions based on Contiweb's expertise and experience. A handy overview of all messages can be found in the logbook.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts in your dryer contribute to constant low gas consumption and costs are easily recouped. Contiweb's Pro Active Maintenance program offers a combination of inspection, maintenance and new parts. They give you the assurance that your machines are performing optimally, contribute to low gas consumption and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.

Gas Reduction Enhancement

You can monitor the gas consumption of your dryer through MyContiweb and maintain optimal performance through regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts. In addition, there is an enhancement available that reduces the gas consumption of many older dryers.

With this enhancement, you reduce your CO2 emissions, contribute to a lower consumption of fossil energy sources and save costs. Depending on the dryer model and your production, the cost savings can amount to tens of thousands of Euros per year. Click here to read more about Gas Reduction Enhancement.

Free Resource Consumption Check

Would you like to know whether there are possibilities for you to reduce your gas consumption? Then use the Free Resource Consumption Check. We will make an analysis of the data we receive from your Contiweb equipment, including logged events and error messages. Prerequisite is a VPN connection between your machine and Contiweb.

Based on the analysis, our benchmark data, detailed product knowledge and decades of experience, we will make a report with our findings and recommendations regarding your gas and silicone consumption. In many cases there are opportunities to save costs!

Fill out the form and apply for the free check!