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Protecting products from forgery, tampering or counterfeiting has become a key element in today’s printing industry. Print offers many technical methods to guarantee product and document authenticity. The more valuable the product, the more necessary it is to use complex print applications to protect it.

The Contiweb Thallo offers a unique modular press platform that offers an unlimited flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of polymer and paper-based substrates. Combining flexo, gravure, screen, and digital printing with the powerful Thallo offset print units, and the various finishing options, allows you to create extensive anti-counterfeit features to protect any document or product label.

The Contiweb Thallo is available in 3 web widths: 520 mm is generally best suited for security printing, but the Contiweb Thallo is also available with a web width of 850 mm and 1050 mm. The press can print subtrates with a thickness between 12 and 200 μm. More specifications can be found here.


Web offset printing offers the highest levels of print quality. High line screens and screening techniques such as FM (stochastic) screening can be used to produce stunning images. Web offset printing is an extremely well-established and repeatable process that is unmatched in terms of colour reproduction and proof matching.

Moreover, with the pre-press process integrated in house, web offset offers printers have the unique possibility to standardize all print-related processes at different production locations around the world. The Thallo technology is offering a predictable, stabile and reproducible printing and colour quality, based on independent and internationally acknowledged standards (e.g. ISO-12647 and ISO 15339).


The Contiweb Thallo is equipped with sleeve offset technology that allows you to print web offset on variable sizes(repeats). This technology allows you to easily change sizes without having to change the unit or ‘print cartridge’; a very cost-effective way of printing different repeat lengths.

Changing sleeves is quick and easy and a new job can be started in just a few minutes. Any repeat range is possible between 406-762mm (16-30”). (Other size ranges are available upon request).


The Thallo offset printing unit can run in wet offset, dry offset and UV flexo mode offering increased flexibility. Options include, but are not limited to:

Wet offset printing, dry offset printing, rainbow printing, flexo printing using water based, solvent based, UV or EB inks, gravure printing using water based, solvent based or UV inks, screen printing using water based or UV inks, digital printing using water based or UV inks, mechanical numbering, lamination, hot/cold foiling, die cutting, perforation (cross & length direction), line-hole punching, turner bars, registering front & reverse side, on watermark, on pre-printed material, sheeter, folder, rewinder.

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Specifications Contiweb Thallo hybrid web offset press and overview of optional equipment supported by the system.

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