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The Contiweb Thallo is a state-of-the-art web offset printing press that guarantees excellent printing quality. The press has a flexible character and can be equipped with flexo and / or gravure units as required, enabling you always to meet the wishes of your customer.

The machine is equipped as standard with an advanced web tension control system, so that the web tension of stretchable substrates throughout the entire machine is completely under control. That makes the Contiweb Thallo highly suitable for printing on film substrates such as PET, OPP, BOPP, PE, LDPE, MET / PET, metal foils and multi-layer laminates and therefore to produce in-mould labels, wrap around labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging for food and non-food.

The Contiweb Thallo is available in 3 web widths: 520 mm, 850 mm and 1050 mm and can print substrates with a thickness between 12 and 200 μm. More specifications can be found here.


Profitable small runs

There is an increasing demand for smaller runs. To be able to print smaller runs profitably, flexibility and the ability to switch between jobs quickly are essential. How do you manage that?

We have the answer. The Contiweb Thallo uses offset printing technology. Offset plates can be made in-house, quickly, and at very low costs. Plates can be changed in an instant and thanks to the easy sleeve system you can also quickly change size. This reduces downtime to a minimum and the press does that what you earn money with: printing.

By the way, because with Contiweb Thallo it is possible to print grids and block colors side by side in one printing form, you can easily combine several small jobs in one printing run. This way you can make small runs profitable!

You can find more about the ROI of the Thallo here.

Environmentally friendly

Offset inks crosslink either by activation of photo initiators or through electrons. This not only means they are more environmentally friendly, but also reduces ink usage as there is no evaporation. Offset printing guarantees that 100% of the ink used in the printing process will end up on the substrate.

In addition, coating and drying solutions are used that do not emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The Contiweb Thallo can be equipped with a UV / LED or EB drying system. If you want to know more about your specific situation, please contact us.


Proven offset technology

The Contiweb Thallo is the further developed and improved version of the successful VSOP® sleeve web offset machine. The first VSOP® was sold in 2004. A total of 92 VSOP® printing presses have been installed with the majority at printers of labels and flexible packaging. Based on years of experience with the VSOP® and in close collaboration with users of the printing press, numerous improvements were made to the VSOP®. The result was a second-generation web offset printing press: the Thallo.

Since the market introduction of the Thallo, 8 machines have now been built. This has reached the milestone of 100 web offset machines with variable sleeve technology.

Do you want to view the Contiweb Thallo yourself? Contact us for a personalized test or check our event page for the upcoming Open House.

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Specifications Contiweb Thallo hybrid web offset press and overview of optional equipment supported by the system.

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