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Hot-air dryers for book and newspaper printers

Based on the drying technology of the Ecotherm and the Ecoset/T Contiweb offers the Ecobook dryer without afterburner to meet the requirements of book and newspaper printers.

Contiweb Ecobook

The Contiweb Ecobook is a hot air dryer specifically designed for book and newspaper printers. This dryer works with reduced drying temperatures, suitable for uncoated paper and low ink coverage, typical to publication printing.

The dryer is supplied as one complete unit with two temperature zones, a heating and drying zone and two compact burner installations with frequency-controlled fans. During production stop, the dryer is kept at stand-by temperature for quick restart.

The Ecobook comes as standard without afterburner. However, for customers who require an integrated afterburner, alternative solutions are available. Please contact us to find out more.


  • Less web breaks.
  • Proven high quality and reliability.
  • Low operational costs.
  • Small footprint required.


  • Standard equipment and construction features:
  • It complies with the latest standards EN 1539, NFPA 86 and the directives of the VDI.
  • Two temperature zones: heating zone and drying zone
  • The air circulation system provides a high air volume to the patented "Crossjet" air nozzle bars.
  • Web temperature control by infrared camera
  • Two compact burner installations with frequency-controlled fans.
  • Immediate availability after production interruption.
  • Door sensors for safety.
  • Exhaust volume security system.
  • VPN connection for remote diagnosis system.

Sales contact

Ralph Casale
Rob Bosman
(+31) 485 597 111