Pro Active Remote Services

Pro Active Remote Services

Since performance standards and efficiency pressures challenge your operator every day, Contiweb offers our customers remote assistance through an intelligent software package to help optimise machine operations. The Pro-Active Remote Service (PARS) is developed as a selflearning diagnosis software tool. The PARS software detects irregularities and transmits alerts of any complications which could cause unscheduled downtime. The PARS system generates analysis and reports, guaranteeing proactive monitoring of your Contiweb equipment.

Maximum productivity and efficiency

Every morning between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM our PARS server will access all connected Contiweb equipment and retrieve all necessary data. PARS verifies, controls and evaluates the status of every connected machine. It automatically gathers and analyses data, then send the report to your technical staff via e-mail. When an error occurs, PARS warns and informs responsible staff of the issue via e-mail and offers possible solutions so that your team can take action immediately.

With PARS, Contiweb's expertise and experience are integrated in an automatic diagnostic analysis and reporting system. PARS delivers greater transparency of your machine status for your organization, meaning you can achieve maximum productivity and reduction of downtime, malfunctions and production costs.

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