anti-condensate enhancement

Anti-Condensate Enhancement

With the first generation of dryers with integrated afterburners, condensation on the final air bars could sometimes become a problem with certain types of production, due to the sudden reduction in temperature before the web exit slot, leading to drips and splashes on the printed web. One drop of condensation is enough to tear a piece of paper which can result in a web break. Press operators would need to clean the air bars regularly to avoid web breaks and ultimately re-printing.

Heated exit slot to eliminate condensation

Contiweb’s next-generation Anti-Condensate Enhancement eliminates condensation build up in the dryer cooling section. With the Contiweb system, fresh air drawn through the air vents is heated by combining it with hot air expelled by the dryer exhaust. This means that the fresh air temperature remains above the temperature at which condensation forms and builds up on the air bars. The air supply is maintained at a constant temperature, so the web exit slot also remains clean and dry.

How it works

  • An additional fan is installed outside the cooling section.
  • The fan propels hot and clean (free from oil) air from the dryer exhaust and mixes this with fresh ambient air.
  • The stream of mixed air is blown into two special beams installed at the dryer outlet.
  • These special beams can be adjusted to optimize the best air flow, which results in reduced web instability and increased air flow on the web edges


  • A cleaner cooling section by eliminating condensation.
  • Eliminate condensation build up in the dryer cooling section.
  • Eliminate web breaks resulting from condensation build up in the dryer cooling section.
  • Reduce cleaning cost.

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