Contiweb Pre-Folder

The Contiweb inline pre-folder is meant for web offset applications. The machine is a highly versatile and productive and consists of two folding devices.

High speed versatile pre-folder

The inline pre-folder consists of two folding devices. The folding devices can simultaneously perform two folds on the web in full width or (after a center cut) one fold each on the two strands. Each folding device can be moved individually sideways, across the web width. The devices on the operating and drive side are adjusted by motor from the operating side to achieve the desired folding width.

The folding device consists of a three-part, air-flushed bar system. All elements are geometrically arranged to each other. The device is adjusted crosswise to the web via spindle drives. The devices can be mounted in such a way that the web is folded upwards or downwards. Conversion is possible very quickly with just a few screws. Each part of the device is designed for low pressure air. The web runs over an air cushion, allowing higher speeds and a wide paper quality range. The ILF pre-folder is prepared for installation of two electronically controlled drives by the printing press manufacturer.

The production speed is 7-12 m/s, but this depends on the paper, the conditions in the printing room and the operating crew.


  • High versatility
  • High speed production
  • Fast return on investment


  • Production speed 7-12m/s 
  • Paper 42-170 g/m2
  • Web shifting device
  • Folding stations with folding bars
  • Register compensator
  • Infeed and exit section

Sales contact

Jennifer N'Guyen
Rob Bosman
(+31) 485 597 111