non-integrated pollution control

Dryers without afterburner

Based on the drying technology of the Ecotherm and the Ecocool/T Contiweb introduced the Ecoweb and the Ecocool/W dryers without afterburner to meet the requirements of printers with a central pollution control system.


The Ecoweb uses 30% less gas than conventional web offset dryer/incinerator combinations. These considerable energy savings are attributable to the exhaust control technology, an exclusive Contiweb feature, and additional savings are realized in the energy consumption of the central pollution control unit (depending on web speed and ink coverage). Like the Ecotherm, the Ecoweb combines high quality printing with low operational costs.


Ecocool/W dryers are designed for use with a separate afterburner. Hot air is produced in two compact burner units positioned on either side of the web. Partial recirculation of the exhaust air towards the burner chambers means that vaporized solvents from the ink contribute to the air heating process. At the same time, the exhaust air volume is reduced, thus minimizing the capacity and energy requirements of the central afterburner. This design results in reduced gas consumption in the dryer and in the pollution control unit by up to 30 percent.


Sales contact

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Rob Bosman
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  • 30% less gass
  • High quality and reliability
  • Low operational costs


  • Dryer/incinerator combination
  • Exhaust control technology